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Wedding rings

Aagaard has been designing and producing hand-forged wedding rings since 1946. The Aagaard wedding rings have a classic and elegant design, and they are therefore an obvious choice for you who are looking for a pair of classic and timeless wedding rings. We hope you choose us to create the symbol of your love and happiness - at Aagaard we will do our absolute best to live up to your expectations. 

Classic wedding rings from Aagaard

The beautiful Aagaard wedding rings all have a beautiful polished surface. The wedding rings come in both 8, 9 and 14 carat white gold and red gold, and then they are embellished with sparkling and climate-friendly diamonds. The wedding rings also come in different widths, so there are great options to find a wedding ring that suits just the wishes and requirements you have. All the wedding rings have a simple and stylish design that makes them incredibly timeless, and they are all a great choice for a pair of classic wedding rings.

Aagaard wedding rings with climate-friendly diamonds

Aagaard is one of the first to market jewellery and wedding rings with climate-friendly diamonds. But what exactly are climate-friendly diamonds? This type of diamond is laboratory-created, which means they have not been created in nature like diamonds normally are. Laboratory-created diamonds are still real diamonds, and they are also made of carbon, just like the natural diamonds we know.

Wedding rings from Aagaard are therefore perfect for those who want the expression of a real diamond, but at the same time want to distance themselves from the damage that natural diamonds cause both in nature and in the vicinity where they are excavated. In this way, you can also make an environmentally conscious and climate-friendly choice by having laboratory-created diamonds on your wedding ring.

Here at we are always ready to help you find the perfect wedding rings from Aagaard. If you have any questions or are otherwise in doubt, you are very welcome to make an appointment at our office in Frederikssund. Contact our customer service by phone or email, we are open every weekday from 9 - 18.

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Aagaard is one of the first to market jewellery with climate friendly diamonds.  Save CO2 - up to 80% - read more about it here
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