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The most popular charms are the ones to put on bracelets, so you can easily design your own personal piece of jewellery.  

There are two types of charm bracelets - leather bracelets and silver bracelets - and of course several famous jewellery designers have given us their versions of these popular bracelets.

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At we sell bracelets and charms from several brands and in several series - and we will try here to guide you so that you get the right charms - the ones that fit your jewelry - and luckily, so most designers have chosen to make their charms to fit their colleagues' bracelets - BUT please note that charms for leather bracelets do NOT fit silver bracelets.

Right now, the most popular charms are those made by Christina and as one of the major retailers in Denmark, we have her entire collection presented in our store and you can easily find everything you need here.
See Christina's many charms here - See Story by Kranz & Ziegler charms here - and remember we give extra discount if you buy more than one charm per order.

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