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Dagmar Cross


Find the right Dagmar Cross - Should it be gold, silver plated or sterling silver?

At we have one of the largest selections of Dagmar Cross. We carry Dagmar Cross in both 8 and 14 karat gold, sterling silver and silver plated. The Day Marker Cross is the safe gift for both christenings, confirmations or just as a beautiful piece of jewellery.

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History of the Day Marker

The Dagmark Cross was found in 1683 at Queen Dagmar's grave in St Bendt's Church near Ringsted. Queen Dagmar was King Valdemar Sejr's much loved, good and admired queen, who came from Bohemia and died in the early 13th century. Frederik VII gave a copy of the cross as a wedding present to Princess Alexandra, later Queen of England. Queen Dagmar's tomb is located near the altar in St Bendt's Church, and when a bride walks over the tomb, she often carries a copy of the Dagmar Cross. The original Dagmar Cross is in the National Museum and is a magnificent piece of goldsmith's work. On one side, with the image of Christ on the cross, it reads at the top in Greek letters "Jesus Christ". On the other side we see the Virgin Mary on the right of Christ, and on the left John the Baptist. Above and below Christ we see two saints - Basil at the top and John at the bottom.

Give the gift of a Dagmar Cross

A dagmar cross is the obvious gift idea for big events. A dagmar cross makes a great christening, confirmation or wedding gift, as it can bring back happy memories of the big and meaningful day. Giving a dagmar cross as either a Christening or Confirmation gift is also a piece of jewellery that the child or teenager will wear for an incredible number of years and carry with them into their adult years. The Day Marker Cross can be given as a pendant - this way the recipient can choose what kind of chain they want to use the jewellery with. It is also possible to buy the pendant and a chain from us. You can find our large selection of loose chains here, which can be combined with the Day Marker Set.

Selection of Dagmar Cross

We are dealers of the two largest Danish suppliers of Dagmar Cross, Lund Copenhagen and BNH. In addition, we also sell dagmar cross from Aagaard, Støvring Design and Gold & Silver Design. All jewellery brands are Danish quality brands, and you can be sure that you buy a dagmar cross, where the materials and quality are top class.

The day markers from BNH are available in several sizes and with different backs, such as: Our Father, The 5 (Jesus Christ, Virgin Mary, John the Baptist and the two saints - Basil and John "Golden Mouth") and finally the Dagmark Cross is available with a glossy back - perfect for a personalised engraving. It is possible to have a personalised engraving made here at For example, it is a great option to make the jewellery even more personal!

See the catalogue from Lund Copenhagen below - Click on the image

Se de mange lækre Dagmarkors og andre kors her os

Find your desired Dagmar Cross from BNH here - Click on the image

Dagmarkors oversigt på - 6 størrelser, 4 metaler og 3 typer

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