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Mens Bracelets

Vi har et stort udvalg af armbånd til mænd - find det under vores herresmykker
As part of our men's jewellery range we have a wide range of men's bracelets. We have several types of men's bracelets, but common to them all is that they are masculine in expression. The range offers bracelets in both gold, silver and leather in various designs and thicknesses. A men's bracelet is the finishing touch and can be worn for both everyday and festive occasions. As a man, your wrist is about 21-23 cm on average. If you are tempted by our selection, hurry up and order and we will deliver to you within a few days.

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Men's bracelets

Men's bracelets are a category that is constantly evolving and growing. We keep up with the different trends and tendencies in this area - and we definitely have something for you! Whether it's as a gift, for the man who has everything, or you just want to treat yourself a little extra. At you will find all the Danish design brands you already know, such as From Soldier to Soldier, Son of Noa and Frank 1967. 

Men's bracelets with masculine and simple design

The majority of men's bracelets in our range are characterized by a masculine and more raw look, and they often have a both simple and cool expression. This type of bracelet for men is available from the brand From Soldier to Soldier, where the bracelet consists of a strong parachute line. When buying this men's bracelet, 10% of the recommended retail price will be donated to 'Support Soldiers & Relatives', an association that helpslping returning soldiers and their families to get their everyday lives back to optimal functioning - so by buying this bracelet you are also supporting a good cause.  

If you are looking for more men's bracelets in the same style, you can also direct your attention to the Dutch brand, Pig & Hen. These men's bracelets are made from various types of ship rope and steel, making them waterproof, durable and able to take a bit of abuse.  

Classic and fashionable bracelets for men 

The above bracelets for men have a subdued and raw design, and they can easily be worn for different occasions and with different outfits without attracting too much attention. For this reason, they can also easily be worn by even those men who would normally never wear jewellery. But besides this type of bracelets, we of course also have a large selection of the classic chain bracelets for men, such as armour bracelets in either gold or sterling silver. Armour bracelets for men have an exclusive and classic look, which is why they are really nice for, among other things, the more refined and festive occasions when you make a little extra of your outfit and accessories. The bracelet can also be used for everyday wear by those who are both quality and fashion conscious and appreciate beautiful and elegant men's bracelets.  

Men's bracelets with beads and other designs 

Of course, there are also a lot of men's bracelets in other designs - we have some with beautiful and colourful beads from Frank 1967 and some Sami-inspired leather bracelets from BeChristensen. If you have any questions about our range of men's bracelets or anything else, please feel free to contact us by email: or by phone: +45 3212 2551

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