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Christina Watches

Christina Watches are Swiss produced watches in the best quality. The watches are often decorated with either diamonds, precious stones or some other form of adornment. You can also personalise your Christina watch by either changing the strap to a leather bracelet or by adding Christina Collect Elements to the watch face. Check out the great Christina Watches below.

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The story behind Christina Watches

Christina Design London is the brainchild of Christina and Claus Hembo. The basic idea behind the Danish jewellery company is to design and create luxury watches with real diamonds at sharp prices. Today, the brand is a universe of both jewellery and watches, which are usually decorated with real diamonds or other beautiful gemstones. The watches are marketed through the name Christina Watches and they are produced in the best Swiss quality.

Christina watches with different details

In our selection there is a wide range of Christina London watches represented, and we have a lot of the watches from Christina Watches. Christina Watches watches for women are available in many different sizes and models - and therefore there is something for everyone! We have both simple and delicate Christina watches with a smaller dial. This type of Christina Watches watch is perfect for those who want a classic look that can be combined with other jewellery. There are also Christina watches with a larger dial and beautiful decorations. This is an eye-catching Christina Watches watch, which can easily be worn alone. We also carry Christina men's watches, which all have a classic and exclusive look. A Christina watch is ideal for those who prioritise quality over price.

Christina watches has many different details and beautiful decorations. Some of the dials on the Christina Watches watches are decorated with beautiful motifs and elegant mica. In addition, the bezel on some of the Christina watches is decorated with a sparkling and eco-friendly diamond. Christina watches uses only labgrown and genuine diamonds - and therefore you are guaranteed the best quality. Christina Watches watches are therefore perfect for those who love feminine jewellery watches that are both functional and beautiful at the same time.

Combine your Christina Watches watch with jewellery

The advantage of a Christina watch is that you can add a unique and personal touch. In fact, it is possible to transform your Christina Watches watch into a stylish piece of jewellery by changing the strap. With a complete bracelet set for Christina Collect, you get everything you need - a leather cord, clasps and t-bars. The new strap, the leather bracelet, can be adorned with many of the beautiful charms from Christina London. You can add charms to the watch as you go, and you can change them as often as you like - that way you can always renew your Christina watch. If you need inspiration on how to match different charms with your Christina watch, you can order a catalogue from Christina Jewellery & Watches. In the catalogue you can also see all the other great jewellery from Christina Watches.

Christina Collect Elements

It is also possible to personalise the dial itself of the Christina watches. You have the possibility to add special and unique elements to your Christina Watches watch. The elements have to be put on the watch face itself and you can add as many different elements as you want. Inserting the elements is quick and easy - just unscrew the crystal and then you can insert the elements. Christina Collect elements come in different shapes, colours and designs. Some of the elements are also decorated with beautiful gemstones and some depict letters and numbers.

A watch from Christina Watches is the perfect watch, which can be decorated and redesigned to completely match your style. We hope you find the watch and decorative items you are looking for. We will be happy to assist you should you have any questions. You can contact us at +45 32 12 25 51 or at

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