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Freshwater pearls has a wide selection of Freshwater Pearl jewelry and we carry especially a wide selection of Pearl jewelry from the popular jewelry designers Blicherfuglsang and Carré, but we also import some exclusive pearl jewelry - and we in cooperation with some of Denmark's best pearl suppliers can get almost the Freshwater Pearl jewelry you are looking for.

Freshwater Pearls are produced in the East on large Pearl farms and especially around rivers in the Chinese provinces of Xhrjiang and Jiangsu.   A Freshwater Pearl has a natural color spectrum with a beautiful metallic sheen in white, pink, orange, gold, bronze, lavender, purple, blue and gray colors - and some pearls are even two-toned, where Pearls with pink, blue and silver colors increase the value.   A Freshwater Pearl is usually 7-8 mm in size, but can be as large as 12 mm in diameter and takes about 2-5 years to grow.
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