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Exchange jewellery

We have collected the most popular exchange series here and when you want to exchange your old jewellery, we will take care of all the practical arrangements.

What is an exchange jewellery? Read more here

How do I upgrade my current replacement jewellery? 


you're already the proud owner of a piece of replacement jewellery, we'll help you upgrade to a larger model so you can enjoy your jewellery even more!
Wherever you bought your exchange jewellery, we can help you upgrade it to a jewellery with an even bigger stone.    
  1. Find your new jewellery in our webshop and choose the desired diamond size. Place an order for your new jewellery and write "upgrade" in the comment field. Please note that the full amount will be reserved on your card.
  2. Once the jewellery has arrived from the supplier, we will send you a shipping label so that you can send your old jewellery to us, including receipt and certificate.
    Once we have received your old jewellery, we will calculate the difference between the new jewellery and the price you paid for your old jewellery and inform you accordingly. 
  3. We will send you the new jewellery in a beautiful jewellery box, including a new diamond certificate. Possibility of exchange is again valid for 2 years.
    We only deduct the difference amount we have calculated when we ship the item.  
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our customer service on +45 32 12 25 51 or email:

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What is a replacement jewellery?

An exchange piece is a series of jewellery with a different size or number of gemstones set. Your diamond jewellery is upgraded over time and the range can consist of both  earrings, rings and pendants. You start by buying the size of diamond you  want in your jewellery and within 2 years, you can exchange your jewellery for a new one with a larger diamond. That is, you return your first purchase of jewelry and pay only the difference up to the next size of jewelry you want.  

When you have your jewellery exchanged, it must always be exchanged for something larger, regardless of whether you change the jewellery series, jewellery type or material choice. You buy the new jewellery and we credit the full price you paid for the previous jewellery. In this way you only pay the difference between the 2 pieces of jewellery and you can keep exchanging your diamond jewellery for something bigger and newer every two years in an inexpensive way.  

If you have forgotten about the 2 years, please contact our customer service on +45 32 12 25 51 or email:, and we will certainly find a solution.

Do you want to buy your first replacement jewellery?

If you are not yet the lucky owner of a piece of exchange jewellery, you can become one quickly and easily!
We have compiled our exchange series on this page, so that you can easily choose by jewellery series or jewellery type.  

Once you've found the piece of jewellery of your dreams, simply add it to your basket, go to the checkout and fill in your details. Click buy.  
Exchange jewellery is often an order item and you will see the delivery time when you inside the item. Delivery time can vary from 3-5 business days to 10-14 days as the item often needs to be manufactured first.   Please be aware that we only reserve the money on your card and do not deduct the amount until we ship the item from here.

When you receive your new exchange jewellery we will include a diamond certificate, with various information about your purchased jewellery, which is important that you keep. This certificate is also important information for your insurance in case you should be unfortunate to lose the jewellery.
The diamond certificate should not be kept with the jewellery in case of theft, but instead kept in a confidential place, for example with your insurance papers.  

You now have 2 years to enjoy your jewellery and choose whether you want to upgrade the jewellery or keep it as it is. Within the 2 years, you can upgrade to the same jewellery with larger stones, or a different exchange jewellery. The only requirement is that you upgrade to a more expensive piece of jewellery.  



Our customer service is ready to help you every weekday from 9-18.
You can contact our customer service via chat, at email  or at tel. +45 32 12 25 51.

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