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Lund Marguerites

The popular and original marguerite jewellery from the Danish jewellery house Lund Copenhagen has traditions dating back to 1858. The famous marguerite design is constantly being developed, and lots of marguerite jewellery is being designed and reinterpreted. Here you will find both modern and classic marguerite jewelry from Lund Copenhagen.

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The story behind marguerite jewellery from Lund Copenhagen

Marguerite jewellery has a long history within the royal family, and the first marguerite brooch was given to Crown Princess Ingrid when she was to marry Crown Prince Frederik in 1935. Subsequently, more marguerite jewellery was designed to mark the birth of Queen Margrethe in 1940. Marguerite jewellery is seen both as a symbol of Crown Princess Margaretha - Queen Margrethe's grandmother, Crown Princess Ingrid and of course Queen Margrethe. Lund Copenhagen Marguerite jewellery is also a symbol of Danish jewellery culture - and Lund Marguerite earrings or a Lund Marguerite ring are truly a must have in any jewellery box!

Lund of Copenhagen jewellery

Lund Copenhagen Marguerite jewellery is constantly evolving, and it is possible to find a lot of classic marguerite jewellery with a modern and feminine twist. At we always try to be fully up to date with the entire large marguerite jewellery collection, so you have the opportunity to find exactly the Lund marguerite jewellery you are looking for! In our selection you will find, among others, a lot of reinterpreted designs of the classic Lund Copenhagen marguerite jewellery. This means that the marguerite jewellery is constantly kept up to date with the latest trends and fashions in jewellery. Of course you can also find Lund Marguerite jewellery in the classic and well known designs. The classic Lund of Copenhagen Marguerite jewellery is timeless and it is a piece of jewellery that never goes out of fashion.

Lund of Copenhagen additionally has a large selection of jewelry, which perceives the product categories: finger rings, earrings, pendants, brooches, bracelets, necklaces. Lund jewelry comes in both gold plated sterling silver and sterling silver.

Lund Copenhagen Marguerite jewellery for gift

Lund jewellery is also perfect as a gift! Marguerite jewellery from Lund has a familiar and versatile design, so it can be worn by anyone. Lund Marguerite earrings are among other things great as a gift idea for the girl who just got holes in her ears. In addition, Lund Marguerite jewellery is also ideal as a gift for big events such as a confirmation or wedding. One thing is certain, a piece of marguerite jewellery will definitely be appreciated - and it is a piece of jewellery that can be enjoyed for an incredible number of years.

We hope you have luck finding the marguerite jewellery you're looking for here in our selection - whether it's Lund Marguerite Earrings, a Lund Marguerite Ring or something else entirely. If not, please feel free to contact us on either +45 32 12 25 51 or and we will be happy to help.

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