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Watch and Jewelery shop is your local jeweler - Worldwide by Houmann Online Luxury Shopping

Over 10 years of experience in Internet business, has taught us what the customer wants - namely:

- Security
- Speed
- Professionalism

Houmann do cooperate with jewellers in several countries, including Denmark, Italy and Australia. We are constantly expanding our range of products and partners to ensure we can satisfy more customers.

Jewellery is produced locally and we sell direct to the customer. No expensive intermediary = cheaper prices!

Do you have a special piece of jewelry in mind, we have great expertise in and experience with the development of unique jewelry. Mail us your thoughts, drawings, sketches and we will make a presentation to your personal jewelry.

Contact us for a talk about jewellery

Watch and Jewelery shop
by Houmann Online Luxury Shopping
Ægirsvej 12
3600 Frederikssund
VAT DK1684 2672

Danish Bank 3543 4779166503
IBAN DK0630004779166503

Tel +45 4738 5800

All personal contact must be agreed first
per mail or tel + 45 4768 5800

Can I be sure that the jewelry is real?

If you buy a piece of jewelry at Your Watch and Jewelery shop, it is obviously genuine and meets the descriptions.

Our partners have been approved In accordance with their national legislation. They are recognized both nationally and internationally for high quality jewelery.

In Denmark, you are subject to one of the world's toughest laws on trade in precious metals.

The law requires unannounced visits, where samples are checked for authenticity and carat. Checks are carried out by Force Technology, on behalf of the Danish state and Goldsmith industry.

The gems are have not such a control, but at Your Watch and Jewelry shop are all gems of a certain size certified by a Danish recognized examined Diamantgraderer.

How big a stock has Your Watch and Jewelery shop?

Most of the jewelry you find in the store, can be delivered from day to day. There are exceptions, but it is listed on the mention of the jewelry.

Gold Jewelry Gift Service provider - order your personalized gift packaging for notes!
Your Watch and Jewelery shop provides World Wide Exchange Service - you can exchange and return items purchased from us at any post office across the world - and we always provide a minimum 365-day return policy, provided your item is still in original box with all materials and has not been worn, used or sized.

Are you ready for more shopping?

Your Watch and Jewelry shop is owned by Houmann Online Luxury Shopping Group which is developing several new Internet concepts all earned based on good quality products, good and high service level. Look at our website regularly where there is a link directly to individual shops

We look forward to your next order with us

Finn Koch-Houmann

Webshop by Houmann