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Pig & Hen, cool mens bracelet from a strong Dutch brand

Pig & Hen makes cool bracelets for men, inspired by the maritime environment. Men's jewelry is becoming increasingly popular and these men's bracelets are no exception. The Pig & Hen bracelets are made with a maritime twist that fits perfectly with the active man's lifestyle. Use the Pig & Hen bracelet for everyday use, always or maybe you are the type who appreciates using a great men's bracelet for special occasions - the Pig & Hen bracelet is ideal for all of it.

What makes these bracelets for men truly unique? They are:
✔️ made of ship ropes and steel
✔️ lasts a lifetime
✔️ water resistant
✔️ durable

If you cannot find the exact bracelet you are looking for, or if you are looking for a different lock or color, then please contact us by mail or chat and we will help you.

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