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Marc' Harit pearls

Køb de lækreste Marc' Harit Tahiti perler her hos
Marc' Harit offers a huge selection of beautiful pearls.
Read more about the different types of pearls below;



Specialist in pearls

Designer Kira Høg Kampmann, who is behind Marc' Harit, is a specialist in pearls, especially saltwater cultured pearls, but also rare pearls from all over the world. At Marc' Harit, the pearls and jewellery are processed and designed with a focus on sustainability.  

Be inspired by the many pearls from Marc' Harit and let us help you to put your favourite pearls in sockets, pendants, earrings or finger rings. If you would like to add a pearls from Marc' Harit to your existing jewellery, we are also happy to help - contact our customer service 

for more information.

Above you will find some of the beautiful jewellery from Marc' Harit.

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