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We have a large selection of hoops earrings with several sizes, widths and qualities. Choose the  closure you want. Then you can filter down to the precious metal you want and whether the creoles should be decorated with precious stones or another form of decoration.

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The most beautiful creoles in both gold and sterling silver can be found here at Our selection of creol  earrings comes from several Danish, well-known brands such as Aagaard, Joanli Nor, Nordahl and many more. On many of the creol earrings it is possible to decorate them with pendants of your choice. Many of the round earrings are also embellished with diamonds, zircons or other beautiful and sparkling gemstones.

Creoles in all sizes and widths

Creoles are a classic piece of jewellery that comes in many different varieties. Based on this, you can definitely find a pair of creoles that suits your preferred jewellery style. There are both wide and narrow hoops earrings, and they come in the very small sizes up to the some really large circles. If you have multiple holes in your ears, you can also wear both large and small creoles at the same time - creating a modern and personal look. Whether you like small or large earrings best, we're sure to have a pair of creole earrings to match your desires.

Creole earrings with gemstones and embellishments

Many creoles are also decorated with beautiful gemstones or exclusive diamonds, which add a trendy and more festive look. Some of the creoles are embellished with zircons in different colours, others have a more simple and classic look with clear zircons. We have something for every taste and every occasion - and there are both the more subdued everyday creoles, and the festive and eye-catching creoles that are a must for the big occasions in your life.

Round earrings - the perfect earrings

Creoles are a timeless and stylish piece of jewellery that never goes out of fashion. Choose the simple hoops earrings if you want the minimalist and timeless look - and you'll be able to wear them for years to come. Because of this, they also make a great gift for that special someone in your life. Hoop earrings are sure to bring joy to the recipient. Having trouble choosing, or need some guidance on creoles? You are always more than welcome to contact us at or on +45 32 12 25 51 - here we are ready to answer any questions and help you find the perfect pair of creoles.

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