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Elegant and beautiful pendants in both gold and silver, you will find here at - and is there anything more delicious than a beautiful pendant on an elegant matching chain? sells pendants from several well-known jewellery companies and we therefore have pendants in many different designs, shapes with and without stones.

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Need a chain for your pendant?

Here at we have one of the largest selections of gold and silver necklaces - chains in several delicious and well-known patterns and in all widths and thicknesses - CLICK HERE and see BNH's large selection

Det store kæde udvalg fra BNH hos

What to remember with chains for pendants

  • The chain should preferably be in the same metal as the pendant
    (in some cases, due to economy, a silver or gold-plated pendant can be temporarily used for a nice gold pendant)
  • 1,0 - 1,5 mm is a good chain width for a normal pendant, but please evaluate the pendant so that the chain is neither too small nor too large.   Sometimes you need to go up to +2.0 mm.
  • Which length should you choose?
    36-40 cm children's necklaces
    42-50 cm women's necklaces
    50-65 cm men's necklaces
    but again, assess, consider and perhaps try with a cord
    What is the chain to be used for
    How far down the body should the pendant side
    What size is the person, the pendant / chain should fit
If you have any questions, please contact our customer service by email: or phone: +45 32 122 551

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