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Gold Necklaces

At we pride ourselves on having the largest and most transparent selection of gold necklaces.   You choose your length and width and immediately you see our great prices. Should you have a request for a length you can't find, contact our customer service immediately and we will quickly calculate your best price and in just a few days, our goldsmiths will have produced just your personalized gold necklace.

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Different types of gold necklaces 

There are a lot of different types of gold necklaces. There are the simple chains without any adornments and pendants that you can either use as they are - and often you can even add the pendants you want. Then, of course, there are the gold necklaces that have already been decorated with some kind of ornament. These can be gold necklaces with pendants, gold necklaces with diamonds or other precious stones, or gold necklaces with some other kind of adornment or decoration.

In our selection you can also find gold necklaces in both 8, 14, and 18 karat gold, which come in different widths and lengths. Therefore, it is possible to find the perfect gold necklace that meets all your requirements and wishes. In addition, some of the necklaces in our selection are also embellished with different kinds of decorations - it can be pearls, precious stones or other, and therefore you should definitely be able to find a necklace in the style and with the kind of decoration that you want.

The necklaces on our site are divided into a few different categories, so you can sort between different carats, lengths, carats and widths. You can also choose the type of gold necklace you want to look at - whether it's white gold, rose gold, red gold, two-tone or three-tone. Last but not least, you can't black on the basis of style or design, so you can look at solid gold necklaces, micro gold necklaces, classic gold necklaces or gold necklaces with a fantasy design.

Gold necklaces from well-known Danish brands

Our selection of gold necklaces consists mainly of Danish, well-known brands that you probably already know. You can find fine gold necklaces from among others Aagaard, Støvring Design, Lund Copenhagen and Guld & Sølv Design. We hope that you can find just what you are looking for, whether it is for yourself or for a gift. Of course, you are also welcome to contact us if you have any questions about gold necklaces or anything else.  

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