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Cross jewellery can be simple and minimalist, but it can also be detailed and decorated with beautiful gemstones. We have many different kinds of cross jewellery in our range - both cross pendants, cross necklaces and cross earrings. Cross jewellery is also an ideal gift idea for both christenings and confirmations.

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Cross symbol

A cross is probably the most classic symbol - and it's a motif we all recognise. Many people have their own personal memories that they associate with the beautiful cross. It could be a confirmation, a wedding or any other event that holds a special place in your heart. A cross can symbolise different things for most people, and at the same time it is an incredibly universal piece of jewellery.

Cross as a gift

A cross jewel is the perfect gift idea for a variety of occasions. A cross necklace can be given for the big life events - for example as a christening gift, confirmation gift or wedding gift or for other occasions. It's a great and thoughtful gift that can evolve over time into an incredibly personal piece of jewellery. This cross jewellery can be worn throughout life if you take good care of it.

Cross pendant

In our selection of cross jewellery you will find among others the beautiful dagmar cross. The Dagmark cross has an old history and was found in Queen Dagmar's grave in Ringsted in 1683. A dagmar cross is characterised by having a soft, round design with beautiful illustrations. We have dagmar cross in sterling silver, gold-plated sterling silver and 8 and 14 carat gold. The Dagmar Cross is available either as a cross pendant, cross earrings or a cross necklace.

At we also have many other fine crosses. It is possible to find cross jewellery in both gold plated sterling silver, 8 and 14 carat gold and sterling silver. In the selection we have, among others, some very simple chair crosses from BNH, which have a classic look. We also have feminine cross pendants from e.g. Bee Jewellery, which are decorated with beautiful and sparkling zircons on the entire surface. You can match these cross pendants with other pendants to create a personal look - and then you can choose the chain you want to use with them.

Cross earrings

We also have a lot of fine cross earrings from Gold and Silver Design, Aagaard and Lund Copenhagen, among others. Cross earrings have become more and more popular, and they are pieces of jewellery that you can wear for both everyday and parties. You have the opportunity to put your own personal touch by matching the cross earrings with different outfits. If you have several holes in your ears, the cross earrings can also be worn with other earrings - together with a pair of small creoles it would give a modern and feminine look.

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