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Nordahl Jewellery

At Nordahl Jewellery you will find a wealth of beautiful jewellery in Nordic style. Nordahl jewelry is designed in a minimalist and simple style, which gives way to the genuine materials, which are carefully selected.  

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Nordahl Jewellery is a Danish quality brand, where the focus is on both quality and a beautiful design. Jewellery from Nordahl Jewellery all have minimalist and modern designs, and thus an easily recognizable expression. Due to the minimalist design of Nordahl jewellery, it will blend in perfectly with the rest of your personal clothing and jewellery style. You will therefore also be able to mix and match Nordahl Jewellery jewellery with other pieces if you want a specific look.

Nordahl jewellery is available in all price ranges. Thus it is possible to create a personal style with one or more pieces of jewellery from Nordahl, and follow the trend of the time, even with a smaller budget.

You will find here at; Nordahl bracelets, Nordahl necklacesNordahl finger rings, Nordahl pendants, Nordahl earrings and Noa Kids, which is a fine selection of both jewellery and gifts for children. Nordahl Jewellery has a number of different jewellery ranges which can consist of Nordahl earrings, a Nordahl necklace and possibly Nordahl rings and Nordahl bracelets. These Nordahl jewellery ranges have the same consistent design on all the jewellery, so you have the option of having a matching jewellery set. It is therefore ideal for those who love matching jewellery.


Nordahl creoles

Nordahl Jewellery also has a lot of the modern and stylish creoles, and here at we have a great selection of the fine Nordahl creoles. Nordahl earrings come in both gold plated sterling silver and sterling silver, and they come with many different kinds of details. Some of the earrings are twisted, twisted or with a beaten or matte finish. In addition to this, the Nordahl earrings also come in many different sizes. You will no doubt be able to find the perfect creoles with us!


Noa kids

Noa Kids has a selection of great items for kids. In this selection you can find the finest christening gifts, cute children's cutlery, piggy banks and other decorative items for the nursery. Most of the items are made of stainless steel, chrome plated or have a silver plated finish. We hope you can find the christening gift you're looking for with us - otherwise we're happy to help you find just the right thing.

At Gold Jewellery we are your jewellery retailer - and you can find all the gorgeous jewellery with us. We offer fast and free delivery as well as 365 days return policy. Nordahl Nordahl

Watch our little Youtube movie about jewellery Nordahl .

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