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Aagaard is a Danish quality brand, and their jewellery is designed with detail in mind. Aagaard jewellery is classic and feminine, but it is certainly also an expression of the trend of the time - and that, among other things, is what makes it so popular.

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Basics about Aagaard Jewellery

Aagaard is a Danish jewellery company, founded in 1946. Aagaard is behind some other well-known jewellery brands such as From Soldier to Soldier, which you probably know. From Soldier to Soldier You can also find them here at Guldsmykket. Aagaard is a well-known Danish jewellery brand, which is an expert in providing exclusive and classic jewellery ranges.

Aagaard jewelry - Wide range and high quality

Aagaard jewellery is characterised by an elegant and feminine design. Aagaard jewellery is perfect for those who love simple and classic jewellery that can be worn for different occasions. The jewellery can be used for everyday - but they can also be used for parties! Thanks to Aagaard's universal designs, you can use the jewellery just as you like - and you can match it with other jewellery or different outfits. Through a wide range, Aagaard highlights the uniqueness of each person, because there is plenty of opportunity to find just the jewellery that matches the personality. Aagaard jewellery is therefore also an ideal gift idea for your wife, girlfriend or friend - with a Aagaard piece of jewellery, they will receive a piece of jewellery with both great design and fantastic quality.

Aagaard designs both braceletsfinger ringsnecklacespendants earrings as well as wedding rings. You are also welcome to take a look at From Soldier to Soldier, which is the brand belonging to Aagaard.

Aagaard rings

A large part of Aagaard's jewellery collections consists of beautiful and feminine finger rings. Aagaard rings are available in sterling silver, and they also come in 8 and 14 carat gold. The range of Aagaard rings is wide and there is something for everyone. We have both simple Aagaard finger rings in our selection, but we also have a lot of great Aagaard rings that are embellished with beautiful details and sparkling gemstones. Let loose in our selection and have a look at all the beautiful rings - you might just find the perfect finger ring among them. sells the entire Aagaard collection If you don't find your favourite Aagaard jewellery on our website, please email or call us and we will do our best to source it for you. We can be contacted on +45 32 12 25 51 and

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