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Loose chains

If you are looking for a classic and simple necklace for your pendants, you have come to the right place! At we have a great selection of different necklaces. We carry quality Danish brands and have necklaces in sterling silver, gold plated silver and 8, 14 and 18 carat gold. We hope you can find your next necklace in our great selection.

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Loose necklaces for pendants

A simple gold or silver necklace is an absolute must-have in the jewellery box. You can mix and match these necklaces with your pendants just the way you like. You always have the option to switch the necklace or pendant around to achieve exactly the look you want. The necklaces can of course also be worn on their own - this way you achieve a simple and minimalist look.

In our selection you can find both necklaces for men and necklaces for women. Chain necklaces are available in an incredible variety of styles and metals. Here at you can find chains in sterling silver, gold-plated sterling silver and 8, 14 and 18 carat gold. The selection of necklaces consists of some different Danish brands, which are the epitome of quality. You can therefore be absolutely sure that you are buying a necklace of a really good quality when you buy

Types of necklaces

There are quite a few different types of necklaces - some necklaces have a simple and minimalist design, while other necklaces are larger and have a flashy look. These large necklaces are called statement necklaces as they are just super eye-catching and often worn as the only necklace. The simple necklaces are therefore more obvious to use as a kind of standard pendant necklace.

A necklace that would be perfect with one or more pendants is anchor faceted or anchor round. The difference between these two types of necklaces is that the anchor facet is faceted and therefore has flat edges on the links. With anchor facet or anchor round necklaces, you have the option to choose the width of the chain, so you choose how big or small the necklace should be. Besides these two types, you can also use wheat, ball, omega, armour facet, snake and venetian necklaces along with pendants.

Bismarch necklaces fall under the category of statement necklaces, and it is a bid for an elegant and classic necklace. A bismarch necklace consists of many composite rings. Together this gives an elegant and exclusive look. Another statement necklace is a cordel necklace. The cordel necklace is also called the Bjorn Borg necklace, as Bjorn Borg always wore this type of necklace throughout his tennis career. The cordel necklace has a twisted look and it consists of many small interlocking links. Besides the bismarch and cordel, the necklace types, figaro, geneve, king, brick, night chain and armour round, go under statement necklaces.

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