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Tennis diamond bracelet has a large selection of tennis bracelets, in many different price ranges, widths, lengths and with several qualities of diamonds.
(at the bottom of the page we have made an overview with data on the bracelets, which is more clear)

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Tennis bracelets at competitive prices

We source our own bracelets directly from one of the best diamond jewellery manufacturers in Vicenza, Italy's number 1 gold city. For this reason, you'll find the best prices in Denmark here at on just the classic and timeless tennis bracelets. The tennis bracelets in gold come in different variants, where the number and size of the diamond can vary. You can therefore choose how many carats you want on the tennis bracelet.

Tennis bracelets in gold - for yourself or as a gift idea

A gold tennis bracelet with real diamonds is the perfect piece of jewellery for those who really appreciate good, luxurious quality jewellery. When you buy a tennis bracelet, you get an incredibly elegant and timeless bracelet that can be worn for a variety of occasions. You can easily use the bracelet for festive occasions and you can enhance the expression by using it with other bracelets or necklaces - possibly also with diamonds on it. Of course, it can also be used as a nice and classic addition to your everyday outfit.

Besides this, a tennis bracelet in gold is also a super nice gift idea! Need a birthday or Christmas present, or is there someone you just want to spoil without an occasion? A tennis bracelet is an obvious gift for the person who has everything - but at the same time appreciates nice quality jewellery with sparkling gemstones. Because of its simple and timeless design, the tennis bracelet can easily be worn alone or in combination with other fine jewellery, and the recipient has the option of matching it with several different items to achieve their own unique look.

The classic tennis bracelets we carry the following diamond sizes and bracelet widths (not all are on the site yet).

Carat sizes Grades Stone size Bracelet width Lengths
0,005 ct TW VVS - TW SI - Black 1,00 mm 1,80 mm 17-19 cm
0,0105 ct TW VVS - TW SI - Black 1,35 mm 1,80 mm 17-19 cm
0,0165 ct TW VVS - TW SI - Black 1,55 mm 2,00 mm 17-19 cm
0,022 ct TW VVS - TW SI - Black 1,75 mm 2,00 mm 17-19 cm
0,025 ct TW VVS - TW SI - Black 1,85 mm 2,20 mm 17-19 cm
0,030 ct TW VVS - TW SI - Black 1,90 mm 2,20 mm 17-19 cm
0,056 ct TW VVS - TW SI - Black 2,35 mm 2,80 mm 17-19 cm
0,074 ct TW VVS - TW SI - Black 2,60 mm 3,00 mm 17-19 cm
0,09 ct TW VVS - TW SI - Black 2,80 mm 3,20 mm 17-19 cm
0,11 ct TW VVS - TW SI - Black 3,00 mm 3,50 mm 17-19 cm

Do you have any questions?

Do you want slightly different specifications on your tennis bracelet than those we show in the shop or do you have questions, please contact us and we will see what we can do.
Our customer service is ready to help you every weekday from 9-18.
You can contact our customer service via chat, on email  or on tel. 32 12 25 51.

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