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Seiko ure hos Your watch and jewelry shop Officiel watch Partner of FC BarcelonaSeiko - watches  with 130 years of technological experience!

Seiko is a world-renowned watch brand that is constantly at the forefront of developing new technologies.   Seiko are therefore the inventors of the quartz watch technique, they have invented their own special automatic watch movement - Kinetic, and more new techniques are constantly coming from Seiko.

Seiko watches distinguish themselves by their design being modern and cutting edge - without being extreme, so in addition to the fact that a Seiko watch will last for many years technologically, they also stay on top in design.

Your watch and jewelry shop specializes in Seiko watches and is proud to present a very wide selection of Seiko watches and because of our large purchasing volume we can also give you some of the best prices on the market.      

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