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Marguerite jewellery is a true classic in the world of jewellery. At you can find a large selection of marguerite jewellery, so we are sure to have jewellery to suit your taste. We have both silver and gold marguerite jewellery, and every type of jewellery imaginable.

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Marguerite ring

Marguerite rings are incredibly beautiful and at Guldsmykket you can find both silver and gold marguerite rings. In addition, we have a large assortment, which includes 24 carat, gold-plated rings and marguerite rings with zirconia stones.


Marguerite earrings

Marguerite earrings are elegant pieces of jewellery that will put the finishing touch to any outfit. We stock Marguerite earrings from Lund Copenhagen and Christina Collect, as jewellery from these brands is of the highest quality on the market. In addition, these brands have prices that most people can afford. Whether you are more into stud earrings, dangle earrings or something third, we are sure to have a pair of marguerite earrings to suit your exact wants and needs.


Marguerite jewellery and its history

Marguerite jewellery is a classic and originally dates back to the 1930s. Many associate a piece of marguerite jewellery with Queen Margrethe, but the marguerite jewellery was originally made for Crown Princess Ingrid when she was to marry Crown Prince Frederik to Denmark. Crown Princess Ingrid was given a marguerite brooch by her father, King Gustav VI of Sweden, as a tribute and honour to his wife, Margaretha, who sadly passed away very young. Margaretha of Sweden was called "Daisy" by her family, which means "marguerite" in English.
So Queen Margrethe inherited her nickname "Daisy" from her grandmother, and over the years has worn a wealth of daisy jewellery and we certainly understand why. Marguerite jewellery is iconic, elegant and timeless and with us you can find a wide variety of jewellery featuring the beautiful flower.


Marguerite jewellery as a gift

Marguerite jewellery is an ideal gift idea when you really need to spoil someone you love. Jewellery from Lund Copenhagen is timeless and the recipient can therefore enjoy the jewellery for many years to come. Marguerite jewellery is particularly good gifts to give for more special occasions such as confirmations, round birthdays or as a graduation present.
At Gold Jewellery we have a full 365 day return policy on all unused items, so there is plenty of time for the recipient to return their gift if it is not to their liking. So in case you have any questions regarding our marguerite jewellery, please feel free to contact us at E-mail or at phone number + 45 32 12 25 51.

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