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Anker rund - 18 kt guld - halskæder 1,5 mm bred (tråd 0,4 mm) og 80 cm lang

Anker rund - 18 kt guld - halskæder 1,5 mm bred (tråd 0,4 mm) og 80 cm lang
BNH Danske kæder hos
Danish bracelets, necklaces and jewelry in familiar patterns
in many lengths and widths
Remember Your Watchandjewelry shop also makes in your special length

See all the BNH jewelry here
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    Weight: 6,5 Gram
    Weight: 6,5 Gram
    Classic Round Anchor chain bracelets, ankle chains and necklaces in 18 carat solid gold.

    Round anchor is a nice type of necklace for pendants and is a good choice for larger pendants that needs to hang far down on the upper body - ie with lengths of 80-100 cm, choose an elegant thin bracelet together with a nice watch.

    The chains are Danish produced - according to good old craft traditions.

    Your Watchandjewlry shop has many widths and lengths and when you choose your length and widths below, you immediately see our cheap prices and fast delivery time

    Most common lengths are:
    Women's bracelets are 17 - 21 cm
    Men's bracelet is 21 - 23 cm (special productions)
    Ankle chains are 24-26 cm (special productions)
    Necklaces from 34 - 100 cm
    (normal lady necklace is about 42-50 cm and men's 55-65 cm)

    Your Watchandjewlry shop can supply round anchors in 8, 14 and 18 carat yellow gold, 14 carat white gold and 14 carat pink gold - to see all the round anchor chains from BNH where you can compare widths - CLICK HERE

    NOTE: Our delivery times are ONLY 3-5 business days
    - even if the chains are NOT stocked!

    Comes in Your Watchandjewelry shop exclusive gift boxes - which looks nice at every occasion! 
    We carry the following widths (thread): 1.2 (0.3) - 1.5 (0.4) - 2.0 (0.5) mm

    At Your Watchandjewelry shop we always indicate the widest place on the joint - NB MANY JEWELERS SPEAK ABOUT THREAD WIDTH - these are the goals that are in parenthesis!
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