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BNH Kædevarer finder du BILLIGST hos


Brick bracelets, necklaces and earrings in 14 carat gold.

From Danish BNH chains, Your Watchandjewelry shop has a wide selection of the classic Brick chains.
The brick chains are available in 24 different widths and lengths from 18½ cm to 50 cm
The brick chains are only available in 14 carats, but both as straight chains and as graduated chains (necklaces that are wider in front and narrow behind the neck)

Your Watchandjewelry shop has the following Brick models:
Bracelets 18½ -21 cm (width 3 rows / mm to 49 rows / mm)
Watchband 14½ - 16½ cm (width 3 rows / mm to 23 rows / mm)
Straight necklaces 42 - 50 cm (width 3 rows / mm to 9 rows / mm)
Graduated necklaces 42 - 50 cm (width 3 rows / mm to 9 rows / mm)

See Your Watchandjewelry shop's cheapest prices on brick bracelets and brick necklaces:

Click here to see Your Watchandjewelry shop's selection of brick chains
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