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BNH Denmark's famous classic gold and silver bracelets and necklaces

BNH chains is produced in Denmark according to good old craft traditions. BNH is a Danish owned company that has been producing chains since the 1960s.

BNH produces all the classic chains in many different widths, lengths and thicknesses. Most models in the BNH range of chains are available in gold, white gold and a mix of these two qualities. BNH carries many of the models in 8 carats, 14 carats and in sterling silver.

Watch & Jewelry has the full range of jewelry from BNH - and can provide a lower price compared to other companies. Please contact our customer service if you need guidance on choosing a chain.

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Watch & Jewelry has the entire range of jewelry from BNH - at very good prices.

Shop in the categories; necklaces, medallions, gold plated jewelry, bracelets, ankle chains, watch chains, earrings, gold jewelry, pendants and silver jewelry. You can find popular chains like; Wheat, Night Chain, Anchor Facet, Anchor Round, Oliven, Snake, Figaro, Ball, Omega, Venetian etc. online right here.

We can sell the jewelry at lower prices as we have less cost than other jewelers, we buy large quantities and we even supply the gold used for the chains.

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