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Ankle Chains

The Ankle Chain is a very sensual piece of jewelry that emphasizes both the ankle and foot of women.

Ankle Chains can be anything from a thin and discreet chain, to a bigger chain with charms, creating lots of movement, with the intention of drawing the attention towards the ankle.

Your carries a wide range of ankle chains - but not only do we offer a big catalog, we would also like to make you aware that we offer the posibility of delivering any of our gold and silver chains in a size fitting for your ankle upon request - the only thing you have to do is contact our costumer suppport and we will provide you with the price of the ankle chain of your dreams.

The usual length of an ankle chain is 24-26 cm, but if you wish to order a size more precisely fitted for your personal wants and needs, you can use a piece of string to measure the circumference of your ankle, provide us with the measurements and we will deliver it to you in the desired length.

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