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All Pilgrim jewellery

Pilgrim er et af de populære danske smykkebrands, som år efter år hitter med deres kollektioner

Pilgrim a Danish designer success, which for a number of years has made beautiful jewelry at favorable prices, always with the latest jewelry fashion - and many times they have even created the fashion in jewelry.


The story behind Pilgrim

Pilgrim is a Danish family company and jewellery brand that you are sure to know. Pilgrim was founded in 1983, where the creators created unique and personal jewellery designs and sold them at various festivals in Denmark. From the beginning, Pilgrim's founders had a vision to create jewelry that could make anyone feel even more beautiful when wearing it.

Today, Pilgrim is an incredibly well-known jewellery brand in Denmark - and the two founders have also managed to create an international company that remains true to Scandinavian design and expression. Pilgrim designs and manufactures modern jewellery at a price point where everyone can get in. Pilgrim's brand and their designs are constantly evolving, and therefore you will find all of today's jewelry trends represented in their collections.

At we are delighted to have been invited into the Pilgrim family. Here you will find a selection of Pilgrims collections, both the classic and seasonal collections. Enjoy shopping the popular and well-known Pilgrim jewellery.

Pilgrim jewellery

Pilgrims jewellery has a scandi-cool inspired design and this is reflected in the all their jewellery. Pilgrims jewelry selection is really wide and they have something in every jewelry category - Pilgrim earrings, Pilgrim necklaces, Pilgrim bracelets, Pilgrim rings and more. The jewellery from Pilgrim is rose gold, silver, gold or hematite plated. So there is something for everyone, whatever colour metal is your favourite. The jewellery comes in different styles - some of the jewellery is understated, simple and minimalist, while others of the jewellery are eye-catching, voluminous and decorated with beautiful stones. The Pilgrim jewellery can be worn alone or together - it's up to you how you match and compose your jewellery.

Pilgrim jewellery is for those who love to keep up with the latest trends in jewellery and accessories. Pilgrims jewelry is up-to-date with their designs and expressions, and they have modern and detailed looks in all categories. There is Pilgrim jewellery for all occasions and you can switch between all your Pilgrim jewellery according to the specific occasion. Moreover, the jewellery is well-priced, so you always have the opportunity to have the latest jewellery trends but without being forced to spend a fortune. We also have a price guarantee here at, so you can always be sure that you are getting the best price. Should you find the jewellery at a lower price elsewhere, we will of course match this price.

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